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Baserunning, Sliding & Speed

This program is designed to cover all things base running. From speed, to strategy and reaction, to sliding, this class will prepare players with the skills needed to be an offensive threat on the bases this season. The 5-week class moves quickly and covers the basics of base running strategy and situations.

The Sliding Program has been built to:

  • Prepare: Preparation is the key to success. This program includes the information you need to become a safer, more efficient base runner and slider. 

  • Focus: Sliding is a much overlooked skill in our sport. Focus and bring the intensity in this program to help get your game to the next level.

  • Perform: Sliding accounts for the majority of in-game injuries in softball. By using this program, you will have the skills to transfer into your game performance!


Why is a strong sliding program so important?

•      A study published in 2007 in the Journal of Athletic Training looked at softball injuries from 1988-2004. Sliding was the highest cause of injuries occurring in games, with ankle sprains and knee derangements accounting for most of the injuries.

•      The baserunner was found to be at the highest risk of in-game injuries, ahead of pitchers, batters, and catchers. However, the incidence of sliding injuries in practices was very small.  (Maybe because it is rarely practiced?)


What else is unique about our Sliding Program?

•      Indoor winter training will occur on professional grade infield dirt.  PFP offers a realistic and safe surface.

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