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Immerse yourself in the PFP experience.  It is YOUR TIME to take control and develop a deeper understanding of your game.  Join us in one of our programs, a private or group training session, our online classes, a HitTrax session or in a video analysis today! At PFP, you can also practice and play on true infield dirt inside of our dome; engage in athletic performance training in our new center The 360!



In October of 1997, Denise Davis and her dog Nike opened the doors to Planet Fastpitch inside of a small facility in Rhode Island. Committed to personalized attention, Planet Fastpitch offers innovative instruction in all softball skills in a supportive environment. But what began as a place for lessons has transformed into a performance center for champions, and into a family, a culture, a philosophy and a standard of competitive excellence. At PFP, people with like-minded passion and goals connect. The synergy is powerful, it’s contagious and it’s revolutionizing training for the 360 degree player.
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