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Welcome to Planet Fastpitch, the premier softball destination.

 Please read and follow the guidelines below to help keep our home in order and safe for all.



General Rules of Planet Fastpitch

●      We expect positive, professional & courteous language within the Planet Fastpitch facility.  Be mindful of your noise level with respect to all populations who are learning, training or renting at PFP. 

●      No running in the facility unless warming up in a training area or in a sanctioned event.

●      Please mute cell phone ringers off in the building and make/receive calls away from academic spaces.

●      Please throw away all trash in the conveniently located receptacles. 

●      Do not dispose of gum in the parking lot, the flower beds, the dome or onto any object inside of PFP.

●      No food, coffee, gum or seeds in the cages, dome, classroom and all other training areas.

●      We are a non-smoking campus including in the parking lot.

●      Please use proper entry and exit doors.

●      Follow all safety procedures that are clearly posted at PFP.  The universal stop signal is shown as crossed arms above the head loudly stating STOP. 

●      There is an AED hanging on the wall across from the front counter.  Dial 911 immediately in the case of an emergency. There is also a med kit and ice near the front counter. 

●      Be watchful of your belongings.  Put your name on your bag and pieces of equipment.  PFP is not responsible for lost or stolen items.

●      Keep the dogs inside of the facility at all times.  Please do not feed them!



Training Protocols at Planet Fastpitch

●      The completion of a General Liability Form is required/mandatory to participate within any area of the facility.  All individuals and teams must have a current form on file.  Coaches are responsible for collecting player forms and submitting to PFP one week prior to the start of any training/competition/rental event.   Reservations can be dismissed if liability waivers are not on file.

●      Safety first!  Please be aware of your surroundings (bats, balls, equipment, personnel).

●      Execute your drills and practice design with a focus on safety.  Throwing and hitting directions must face a clear unpopulated area.  Never hit or throw into walls, fences or sports boards.

●      HELMETS must be worn in the batting cages at all times when hitting.

●      Please make sure the players who normally wear facemasks are wearing them in the dome or in any other fielding sessions.

●      Regulation hard balls are only used in the dome or Ballistics lab.  All other areas require indoor balls to be used and are provided by PFP.  No exceptions.

●      ALWAYS have players line up gear, equipment and bags neatly and out of the way.  Do not block doors or walkways.

●      Be prepared to play softball!  Wear proper softball attire (for example, no jeans) and bring your equipment.

●      Wear sneakers/turf shoes in all training areas including the Dome.  Cleats are ONLY to be worn in the dome.  Please remove cleats to walk up the stairs.

●      Please pick up equipment after each session AND put balls back in buckets/ball carts.  Rake any disturbed dirt areas especially if you have worn a hole into the dirt. 

●      All clean-up, pack-up and team meetings in your training space must be complete by the end of your rental time.  Please do not begin the exit process when your time expires.  

●      STRICTLY adhere to your start/stop time.



Specifics of the Dome

●      Go slowly through the revolving door near the front entrance.

●      Ballistics Lab participants have a separate entrance on the back side of the facility.  All other rentals for the dome and viewing areas can be accessed at the revolving door by the front counter.

●      Viewing areas in the dome are located on the ground level surrounding the field or the top deck with stairs leading up after the doors. The Ballistics Lab and the seats above home are not for public use.

●      Dirt rentals do not include the bullpen unless there is a game or tournament.  The bullpen is reserved for PFP lesson use and can be rented at an additional cost.

●      The golf cart is for staff use only.



Parking and Traffic Flow

●      Parking is in the front of the building with additional parking in the side lot.  Please drive SLOWLY and follow the directional arrows.



Cancellation Policy

●      We have a 24-hour cancellation policy.  If your session is cancelled within the 24-hour window, please expect to be charged unless there is an extreme extenuating circumstance which will require a note or documentation in order to waive the cancellation fee.  In order to cancel you will need to email  You may also find a replacement for your slot to waive any fees.  Please be courteous of our instructors' time and other athletes who wish to schedule time.


What if I can not attend camp or event?

  • No make-up program or team training classes are available for an individual canceling or not attending their scheduled class or team training.  

  • If you cancel a camp, clinic, special event, drop-in class, live hit club, or other single session events, you will receive a full credit to your player account.  There will be no refunds made back to credit cards.   If you wish to receive a refund instead of a player account credit, we will mail you a check to you for the balance minus an 5% processing fee.




We look forward to being your training partner!

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