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If your daughter loves softball, and you love your daughter... PFP is by far and away the best place you could ever take her. My daughter has been going there religiously for seven years, so I have had an opportunity to not only watch my daughter improve as a player but also grow as a person, and I am not sure you can really quantify that. The staff of instructors are beyond knowledgeable; they connect amazingly well with kids, and I don't think I have ever seen a kid not smiling when they are there. My only regret is that I don't have another daughter to bring for the next seven years:-)Oh, and seeing Cooper and Garth are worth the trip alone! So, go for Cooper & Garth and stay for the softball.. Lol

Peter Agbay, Shrewsbury, MA ★★★★★


We have been using Planet Fastpitch since we started our Wrath travel team over 5 years ago. The facility speaks for itself, top notch! The instruction is outstanding. During winter training we let the Planet Fastpitch instructors teach our players and we couldn't be happier with it. KJ and the rest of the team bring a level of knowledge that I have not seen anywhere else. Many of our players choose to take part in their individual instruction, such as private pitching or hitting, and love it. They also take part in many of the group clinics and classes offered, and we always get positive feedback. If you are looking for a place for your child to learn how to play softball, Planet Fastpitch is the best around!

Nathan Stawiecki, Webster Fastpitch/Wrath ★★★★★


Since my daughters began playing softball, Planet Fastpitch has been Wrath Softball's winter training home. Each year, I have watched them grow and sharpen their skills in a fun, supportive environment taught by PFP instructors who bring out the best in them. The girls love everything about PFP, from the dirt in the dome to the dogs and the recliner room, they enjoy every aspect of their experience.As a coach, it is great to have the girls taught by an external voice at times. The wonderful staff at PFP allows us to step back and let the girls learn from some of the best in the business. This winter, Coach KJ was instrumental in the growth of our 12U team, teaching higher-level batting approaches, combined with video work and consistent encouragement to bring out their best. Our program has also benefited from their community events, such as the clinics put on in conjunction with Dick's Sporting Goods - a great opportunity for some of our younger players to see what PFP has to offer and to grow their love for the game. We love our relationship with PFP and look forward to continuing it for years to come!

Tim Duval, Webster Wrath & Webster Fastpitch Softball ★★★★★


I’ve been bringing my daughter to PFP for 3 years. The summer camps are awesome, and the instruction is top-notch! If your daughter is a catcher - KJ is the best! If your daughter is a pitcher there is nothing out there that compares to Denise’s sports science approach to getting everything out of your ball player. Love the #PFP team!Anthony (TK) Kinney, C&C Seminoles Softball ★★★★★While Planet Fastpitch offers top-notch instruction on the fundamentals of softball, they truly excel at fostering the intangibles of the game. My daughter has gained confidence, a sense of community, consistency of effort, and accountability through her involvement in the Varsity program and private and group instruction. PFP instructors are world-class role models and mentors, and I cannot speak highly enough of how they embody what it means to be strong women and successful student-athletes.

Andrea Giles, Leicester, MA ★★★★★


Varsity school was really enjoyable for me. The environment that KJ and Denise create in classes at Varsity is great. Everyone in the class is very inclusive and we are like one big family that grows together. Denise taught me many techniques that helped increase my pitching speed and improve my mechanics. KJ really guided me through what my swing should kind of look like and how to stay confident and have good live at-bats. Overall, I really like going to Planet Fastpitch and I always learn so many new things to improve my playing ability.

Lyla Rose, Rhode Island Thunder National ★★★★★


PFP is the place to go for any serious softball player! Denise Davis, the owner, is amazing. She is one of the most creative and innovative thinkers in the softball world, who isn’t afraid to challenge (using real science and empirical data) whether the way it has always been done is really the best way. She is a masterful instructor and her "Varsity Program" is a must for any serious pitcher in the area. Denise has a passion for the game and genuinely cares about every player in her program, and how to maximize each player’s natural talents and overcome their individual challenges. PFP has assembled a team of top pitching, hitting, and fielding instructors, including Brandice (pitching), KJ (hitting and fielding), and others, who are highly talented, knowledgeable, and fully committed to the players. They are all superbly talented former elite players who teach softball skills because they have a passion for it and their passion is infectious for the players.

Jeff Brody, Parent of Raiders 18U player ★★★★★


My daughter participated in the Varsity School this year, and this was her first time doing any type of focused training. She got so much out of it and truly loved it. Denise, KJ, and Brandice are true professionals who know how to teach the game of softball. Every day, they all showed up with a positive attitude, and it's so obvious they truly love helping the girls. My daughter loved working with them and she is looking forward to next year. Denise, KJ, and Brandice are experts at teaching the game and my daughter is so much better after only one year of Varsity School with them. I can't wait to see how much she improves after next year and the years after. Planet Fastpitch is the best softball training facility around and every girl who takes softball seriously should workout there if they want to improve their game. Thank you, Denise, KJ, and Brandice, for being the professionals you are and treating my daughter so well. We are looking forward to next year!

Craig Hardy, Everett MA ★★★★★


Highly, highly recommend Planet Fastpitch for the training and development of your softball player. This facility has instructors who excel at teaching the skills your player needs to learn, including not only physical skills but mindset as well. The instructors are leaders in their fields and role models to the players they teach and mentor. Denise is constantly reinventing, reassessing, and innovating in the mechanics and science of this sport. Coach KJ’s career accomplishments — her 13 years as a D1 Coach is only part of that—and overall expertise in the field of softball are an invaluable resource when it comes to your kid’s development. My own catcher has grown in her skill and in her on-field presence under Coach KJ. She learned, and is still learning, proper arm care from Coach KJ. She cut a full second off of her pop time and added mph to her throwing velocity through consistent weekly work in the Varsity program. Even when only acting as a supporting character, like when catching for her friends and teammates during their own lessons or clinics, my daughter learns by just listening to Brandice, herself a pitcher, discuss the physics and mindset of pitching. If your player wants to learn, send her here. Also, it must be mentioned that Debra Dempsey, Team and Personnel Coordinator, is extremely knowledgeable, patient, professional, and prompt when help is needed on the business end. Thank you, Deb, for your many kindnesses!

Sarah Duncan, Harmony, RI ★★★★★


My daughter (11) has been taking private lessons at PFP since August 2022 and the effects have been astounding. We are very fortunate to live in such proximity to this wonderful establishment. You get what you pay for, and the results show! All the staff is spectacular as well😊.

Mike Langley, Nipmuc Youth Softball ★★★★★


From the moment you walk in and are greeted by Cooper & Garth, you’ll find PFP is someplace special. The team is on a constant quest to grow and develop each player they work with, regardless of ability level, and they do it in a way that not only improves skills but develops character as well. The facilities are second to none and the team of coaches and instructors are always on the forefront of the newest techniques and technology. There is truly no better place for your softball player! Corrissa Wilson, Scotland, CT ★★★★★Planet Fastpitch is a fantastic local resource, and KJ plays in a major role in why it's great. Our first introduction to KJ was when our daughter took part in the 10-week PFP Futures Program as a catcher. From the start, you can tell KJ is the kind of person you want your kid to learn from. She's accomplished, she knows how to coach, she keeps it positive and she is invested in every one of her students. I ended up staying for most of the 2.5-hour sessions simply because I learned so much just by hearing her instruct the players.

Keith Getchell, Hopkinton Little League ★★★★★


My daughter participated in the Futures program as a catcher. The program was great and she loved every minute of it. It has skyrocketed her confidence behind the plate. The instructors were very knowledgeable and gave a lot of attention to each player. The hitting was intense and had really got my daughter ready for the spring season. She is hitting everything hard! Great experience and we will be back next winter!

Phil Spellane, Worcester ,MA ★★★★★


We did a 10-week winter skills series with KJ that included 2 hours per week of hitting and 2 hours per week of fielding. KJ worked closely with us to design the sessions and ensured that the girls progressed thoughtfully. The sessions themselves were engaging and fun for the girls. There was a ton of equipment made available for our coach-led sessions and the facility was always cleaned and organized. I can't recommend KJ and PFP enough!

Brian Nichols, Colonials Softball ★★★★★


During my time at Planet Fastpitch, one thing that has always stood out is the sense of community, and the care for our growth not only as softball players, but also as people. Whether that is teaching us to confidently say our full names, or learning to walk back to the pitcher's mound after throwing a good pitch. These things might seem so minor, but they can make a great impact on our confidence and growth as human beings. Planet Fastpitch is not just a training facility. Once you walk into the building, you become part of something bigger; a family. I could not be more grateful for the care and love that has been provided ever since I took my first step through the door.

Phoebe O'Connor, Franklin, MA ★★★★★


Planet Fastpitch, the facility, is the best around. Ample space with the dirt dome, batting cages, training rooms, classrooms, and Hittrax. Our organization has been training at PFP for six years and has grown from one team to seven during that time. A big part of that growth has been because of PFP and the ability for us to train over a long span of time each Sunday night.The best part of PFP though is the family atmosphere that is so inviting. Denise, KJ and the entire team at Planet Fastpitch, is welcoming and lives and breathes softball. They have been a great partner for Venom softball and offer guidance whenever asked. We look forward to building upon this partnership for many years to come.If you're an organization looking for the best facility for your players or a parent looking to provide great training for your child, don't look any further than PFP!

Steve Orff, Blackstone Valley Venom Softball Club ★★★★★


As a parent of 4 softball players, working with PFP has been like adding a group of invaluable team members to our family. Every instructor there, especially the four we work most closely with, Brandice, KJ, Shannon, and Kate, has motivated and supported our girls with incredible passion, knowledge, and love for the sport. We cannot speak highly enough of this entire facility, from its staff and what they bring to the table, to their immediacy in communication and responsiveness. PFP has become our home away from home!

Kimberly Laurie, Southborough, Ma ★★★★★


I am excited to share my experience with the KP Pride softball program partnership with Planet Fastpitch this winter. Our teams, from 10U up to 18U Gold, had an amazing time utilizing the dome, Hittrax®, and bullpen facilities at PFP. The dome space provided a true dirt infield experience that gave us the expected hops on our grounders, which was great for our infielders. Additionally, we were able to cycle our younger teams through hitting stations beyond the infield, and our pitchers and catchers were able to work throughout the sessions. We even had the chance to practice fly balls, which we couldn't do at other facilities.What impressed us the most was how our older teams were able to get full-speed infield, running, and throwing practices that prepared them for tryouts and upcoming tournaments. The dome was always well-maintained, and there were plenty of softballs and equipment available for our use.The atmosphere at PFP is all about softball, and it was fantastic for our players. Denise, KJ, and the rest of the team were always available and checked in often to offer any assistance needed. Overall, our partnership with PFP has been a fantastic experience, and we cannot thank them enough. We are looking forward to continuing this partnership for years to come. Thank you, PFP, for providing us with such an excellent practice environment and helping us improve our skills on the field.

Tom Cecere, KP Pride Softball ★★★★★


As we reflect on our experience with Planet Fastpitch and think about how we would describe it in just a few words, we would tell anyone who was asking that Planet Fastpitch is the quickest way to get (you/your softball player) to the next level. The same core group of seasoned coaches have been there for years and continue to improve on an already quality experience. Regardless of where your talent is and what your ultimate goal might be, Planet seems to consistently provide the best tools to help you make that happen.When a (non-softball related) injury made it impossible for our daughter to participate, Planet credited our entire payment toward future sessions, lessons, or whatever we felt would benefit our daughter the most. Clearly, Planet Fastpitch is in business for the right reasons: the passion for the game and helping people.We can't say enough about KJ, Brandice, Denise, Deb, and even Cooper and Garth. We highly recommend Planet Fastpitch.P.S. We drive over an hour to get there - it's worth the trip.

John Shortell, Burlington, MA ★★★★★


My daughter has been going to PFP for 2 years. It has been an amazing experience — both for the development of her softball skills and her development as a person. In terms of programs and teachers, the Varsity program is the best pitching instruction in the state. Denise Davis’ knowledge and commitment to the players is second to none. On the hitting side, KJ is phenomenal and a great communicator with the athletes. My daughter has personally worked with KJ on hitting for 2 years. My daughter’s swing and approach at the plate are much improved and KJ has helped mentor her. Instruction with Brandice (pitching) and Mary (fielding) is outstanding — especially in their group sessions. I can’t recommend it enough.

Stephen Rosecan, Acton, MA ★★★★★

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