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To complement our pitching and hitting schools, players often desire to train individually to tune-up mechanics, to focus on a specific task or to work on other softball skills like throwing, fielding, sliding, catching, strength and agility as well as video analysis. Private lessons at PFP are fast-paced and cutting-edge. Our professional staff offers the highest level of instruction in a positive manner.  For best performance results, players are encouraged to develop a plan that has a good mix of private and group instruction. Players are also highly encouraged to cross-train skills in categories of pitching, hitting, fielding, throwing and fitness. This will help to mold the player into a more viable force while increasing college marketability.


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Our PFP Team has been chosen because we deliver the highest level of instruction with clarity, certainty and conviction. Our standards of excellence embrace the ideals of pride, passion, persistence and professionalism.  We have competed at the elite level, we believe in PFP Nation and most importantly, we make the careers and character development of our students a priority.



Master Instructors

Planet Fastpitch Master Instructors have extensive knowledge of biomechanics, movement patterns and softball strategy.  The Masters have not only played and coached at the highest levels, but they have spent considerable time building and implementing successful protocols and programs at the youth level.  They are highly dedicated to research and innovation and are equally as passionate about fostering the PFP Culture.


Veteran Instructors

Planet Fastpitch Veteran Instructors are current or former collegiate players, as well as college and high school coaches, National Professional Fastpitch players and Olympians, all of which are hand-picked to ensure the highest quality of professional softball instruction. Athletes benefit from learning from a team of coaches who are current with cutting-edge techniques and who have competed at the elite level.



Junior & Senior Instructors

PFP Junior & Senior Instructors are hand-picked from the Varsity Program and have trained extensively with Denise and the PFP team.  They play at the highest level of softball in New England, are top college prospects, diligent with their academics, great role models, passionate about softball and are total believers in the PFP Nation.  Junior Instructors are currently in high school while Senior Instructors are college students.

Junior Instructors are economical and can be utilized in many of the following ways: 

·       Combine with a private lesson for more fundamentals reinforcement.  

·       Get additional help pitching, hitting, fielding, throwing or agility workouts.  

·       Hit in the batting cages – live arm or from machine.  

·       Use Junior Instructors as catchers in group sessions.



All Private and Semi-Private Lessons are 30 minutes in length and can be combined into 60, 90 or 120 minute segments. Group/Team Training Lessons must reserve a minimum training time of 1 hour and can then add increments of 30 minutes to the session.  All lessons and packages must be prepaid.  Our primary means of scheduling private, semi-private lessons is done through eSoft.   It’s a look, book & pre-pay system offering flexibility and convenience to our clients. Almost all of our services can be found in the system (clinics, classes, events, memberships & lesson packages).  Important announcements & dates are noted on the message board to keep you posted on what’s happening at PFP.  



PRICING  *Updated June 29, 2022


Lessons will move forward through an accelerated curriculum. Attendance and practice are extremely important. Planet Fastpitch requires a 24-hour notice on all private lesson reservations. If there are less than 24 hours before your appointment and a cancellation is necessary, it is permissible to find a substitute to fill the vacancy. Otherwise, failing to comply with cancellation policy, full charges will be incurred for missed sessions. No other make-up sessions will occur.  Late cancellations negatively effect you, our staff and other athletes who are seeking lesson times. 


There is also a $25 fee for any returned checks.




You must have a current liability waiver in our eSoft system at PFP to participate in any activity. Please complete these forms online. Each member of a team must have a waiver signed before participation in any activity is permitted.

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