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Prior to booking, it’s mandatory that you read the entire document below and complete the requirements.  

We have created a strict structure which will provide the ultimate level of safety for you, your family and our staff.  If we work hard now, someday we can return to the freedoms that we once enjoyed.


Planet Fastpitch COVID-19 Policy

Updated June 10, 2020


To control the spread of COVID-19 and to keep our community safe, Planet Fastpitch has adopted the following policy that must be adhered to by all players, parents and coaches.  With our facility being over 30,000 square feet, we are confident that we will have ample social distancing and protocol-monitoring capabilities.  While softball is important to us, the health and safety our community is our priority and we are making every effort to comply with applicable guidelines put forth by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and the CDC.


Sanitization of Planet Fastpitch

  • Equipment and softballs will be sanitized prior to each lesson.

  • All high touch areas will be sanitized every two hours.

  • There are 3 air filtration systems with UV light filtering throughout Planet Fastpitch to further promote health and safety.

  • We will be using our electric fogging machine on a regular basis with EPA approved cleaner to add another level of germ-fighting protection at PFP.


Planet Fastpitch Face Masks!

Black masks with a white PFP logo are now on sale for $15!  You can purchase this gear here.



Prior to Arrival to Planet Fastpitch

  • Please print, sign, scan and email this COVID-19 Waiver to us.  Click here for COVID WAIVER.  This is a one-time requirement and it must be on e-file prior to any participation at Planet Fastpitch.  

    • Please save the waiver as a .pdf with your name in the title.  

    • Please label the SUBJECT TITLE of the email as follows:


Example:   Davis_Cooper:Covid_Waiver

Email to:


  • The COVID-19 Questionnaire must be completed on each day you have a lesson/clinic and no later than 3 hours prior to the scheduled start time.  THIS MUST BE COMPLETED PRIOR TO EACH VISIT TO PFP.  Participation will not be permitted if this form is incomplete.  We urge you to set a reminder in your calendar.  Please refer to this link:

  • Anyone experiencing symptoms must stay home. 

  • We encourage that you do the bulk of your warm-ups at home before you travel to PFP.  The intent is to limit the amount of time that you spend inside of PFP.

  • Pack your own water.   We are not currently offering any beverage or snack sales.

  • We urge you to only use our restrooms in the event of an emergency.  Please plan accordingly.

  • Be sure that your lesson payment is complete BEFORE ARRIVAL in eSoft.  Currently, our front counter/reception area is closed.  We will not be taking payments or scheduling on site.  Please do all of this online in advance.


Upon Arrival at Planet Fastpitch

  • In these reopening phases, we will require parents to remain outside of PFP in their cars or watching from outside of the garage doors.

  • Players, coaches, parents must be wearing a face covering as they exit their vehicle.

  • Prior to exiting your vehicle, please use hand sanitizer.

  • Players, coaches, parents must adhere to six-foot physical distancing while at PFP.

  • We urge you to not touch Cooper and Daisy, our PFP dogs.

  • Arriving players will proceed to the check-in area for their respective coaches.  KJ - the recliner room.  Brandice - the flex cage under the deck.  Ellen, Shannon and Megan - the training room.

  • Limit the amount of equipment you carry into PFP.  Wait at the specified check-in area with your mask on until the coach begins your lesson.

  • At the beginning of the lesson, the player will receive a temperature check with a touch free forehead thermometer.  If the player has a temperature of 100.4 degrees Fahrenheit or higher, she will not be able to participate and will be asked to go home.

  • The Symptom Checker for that day must also be completed to be cleared to participate.

  • Once cleared to participate, players will be instructed to sanitize hands and then proceed to lesson space.  Players will await further instruction from coaches while wearing face covering and remaining 6 feet from any other players or coaches.


During the Instruction at Planet Fastpitch

  • When players are actively pitching, hitting, throwing or fielding and are at a 14-foot distance from their coaches, the use of a face mask is optional. Players are required to wear a face mask at all other times.  When the facemask is not in use, please place it in a sealed bag and then inside of your player bag.

  • Coaches/instructors will be required to wear a face mask when within 6 feet of others.

  • Players must sanitize hands when instructed to by a coach and in between drills.

  • Players should have their own individual batter’s helmet, glove, bat, and catcher’s equipment. Do not share equipment with other athletes.  PFP will not make the previously mentioned equipment available for use.  

  • Refrain from high fives, handshake lines, and other physical contact with other athletes or coaches.

  • No gum, seeds or other similar products are permitted.

  • If rules are not being followed or there is a safety concern, coaches will kindly ask the player to leave PFP.


Ending the Session/Exiting Planet Fastpitch 

  • All instruction will end with 5 minutes remaining.  During this time, the coaches will be disinfecting all equipment that was being used.  At this point, it’s critical to allow each coach the time to disinfect the equipment and thoroughly wash her own hands before the start of her next lesson.  Please refrain from asking questions in that 5-minute window.   It’s imperative that we follow strict disinfecting guidelines.

  • At the end of practice, players must place all belongings in their bag and immediately sanitize hands. 

  • Once hands are sanitized, players must put face covering on and must be worn until in vehicle. 

  • Players must follow social distancing guidelines when walking to their car and are asked not to touch the PFP dogs. (We know how hard that is.  But we can't wipe down the dogs like we can doorknobs.)

  • Individuals must not congregate in common areas or parking lot following the practice.

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