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1. Bullying in any form will not be tolerated.

2. Do not retaliate if someone posts something negative about you.

3. Absolutely nothing related to alcohol or drug abuse will be tolerated.

4. Pictures with inappropriate clothing choices are not acceptable.

5. Do not post false information about yourself.

6. No swearing or profane gestures.

7. You should not speak badly of anyone or anything to do with your PFP family.

8. Keep negative opinions to yourself. Never put another person down.

9. Be respectful and positive.

10. If anyone comments anything inappropriate on your post, take it down immediately. 

11. Offensive comments about a group of any kind are not acceptable.

12. Hold yourself to the highest standard. You are a PFP athlete and responsible for your own actions.


Student-Athlete Self-Governing Plan

If you see someone from PFP behaving in a way, not in line with these policies, the first step is to contact that person and ask them to take it down. If they do not, then it is up to you to go to their parents or PFP.  There is a 3 strike system for transgressions. Once is a warning, twice leads to player/parent/coach meeting that will take place to discuss further consequences and the third time is a suspension from PFP.


**The PFP Nation Social Media Policy was created and implemented by student-athletes of the 2014-2015 Varsity School.


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