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The FUTURES Program offers cutting edge of training and development for PITCHERS, CATCHERS AND HITTERS chosen through an application process.  This 10-week course offers a similar curriculum to the Varsity School. Surrounded by athletes with similar work ethics and goals, students are trained in a high-energy environment.  Constructed by Denise Davis and her team of dynamic coaches, the curriculum is developed to fully train the skills of pitching, catching and hitting long with additional sports performance training, mechanics enhancement, timing work, speed measurements, plate strategy and alternate pitches.  

Applications must be completed by student athletes and not by parents.




What is the Futures Program?


The Futures Program is a 10-week condensed replica of the highly successful PFP Varsity School. This program will be built and implemented by Denise Davis. The powerful and dynamic team of coaches at PFP provides an intense and high-energy learning environment. Like the Varsity program, great energy and focus will be given to the students of this program. This 10-week FUTURES Program will run an abbreviated yet parallel curriculum to the Varsity Program.

The FUTURES Program is a select program, with students chosen through an application process by Denise Davis. High-level athletes with similar work ethics and goals will surround students. The curriculum is developed to fully train the pitchers, catchers, and hitters with the presentation of physical and mental strength and sports performance training, mechanics enhancement, timing work, speed measurements, plate strategy, alternate pitches, catching, and hitting.  The program will also include LIVE PITCHING/HITTING competition in the inner squad challenge.

The Futures program will be on the cutting edge of training and development. The students will be constantly monitored and well-cared for. Pitchers train for one hour of pitching and one hour of hitting each week. Catchers have an additional 30 minutes of catching class on Saturdays and Tuesdays. Hitters will be scheduled in a one-hour hitting slot each week.  

PITCHERS:     1 hour of pitching instruction.  1 hour of hitting instruction.

CATCHERS:    1 hour of hitting instruction.  30 minutes of catching instruction.  1 hour of catching for a pitcher in pitching class.

HITTERS:       1 hour of hitting instruction.

The Futures Program is an EXCELLENT advantage in applying to the Varsity Program. A small number of slots become available each year with the graduation of several seniors next spring. Earning a position in the main program will be a highly competitive event next year.

Who should apply to the Futures Program?

Only PITCHERS, CATCHERS, and HITTERS with serious goals and willingness to work hard and make positive changes will be accepted. Players must be passionate about softball and becoming well-rounded and willing to commit to practice time.


How are the groups assigned?

Denise Davis will assign group rosters based on abilities and class chemistry. Groups will be assembled with respect to experience, body awareness, mechanics, speed, pitch menu, and age. Please do not request a group time.


How does the admissions process work?

  • An application must be completed and submitted for review.

  • Rolling admissions: Beginning June 1 and ending when the program is full.

  • Upon acceptance, enrolled students must sign a Letter of Commitment.

What are the requirements of the Futures Program?

  • A catcher/parent/friend/relative who can catch.

  • Academically eligible and good citizenship.

  • All outstanding balances are paid in full.

What are the steps to secure a spot in the Futures Program?

  • Complete the Application (see links above). Completing this form will require a student registration/application fee. Upon acceptance, this fee will be applied to your ESOFT account.

  • Log into your ESoft Account.  Here you will be given a choice to Pay in Full or set up Monthly Payments.

What is the tuition of the Futures Program?














What is the Futures Program Calendar?

What are the times of the Futures Program?


10:30am -11:00am          Catching Class

11:00am - 1:00pm           Pitching and Hitting Classes


4:30pm -5:00pm            Catching Class

5:00pm - 7:00pm           Pitching and Hitting Classes

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