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About Us

Finding Inspiration in Every Inning

Our PFP Team has been chosen because we deliver the highest level of instruction with clarity, certainty and conviction. Our standards of excellence embrace the ideals of pride, passion, persistence and professionalism.  We have competed at the elite level, we believe in PFP Nation and most importantly, we make the careers and character development of our students a priority.

We are a great family.


Our Story

In October of 1997, Denise Davis and her dog Nike opened the doors to Planet Fastpitch inside of a small facility in Rhode Island. Committed to personalized attention, Planet Fastpitch offers innovative instruction in all softball skills in a supportive environment. But what began as a place for lessons has transformed into a performance center for champions, and into a family, a culture, a philosophy and a standard of competitive excellence. At PFP, people with like-minded passion and goals connect. The synergy is powerful, it’s contagious and it’s revolutionizing training for the 360 degree player.

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