Pitcher/Catcher School



Total Skills School



All applicants must submit the following documents and deposits in order to be accepted into the Planet Fastpitch Elaine Sortino Softball School:


1.  Medical and Immunization History 

2.  A Current Physical  (Participants must have a documented doctor's physical completed within one year of the start date of the softball school. There are no exceptions to this requirement.)


1 & 2:    Please scan and email these forms to planetfastpitch@gmail.com

3.  Please complete the PFP COVID-19 Waiver.  



4.  Save this link as it will need to be complete before arrival to camp each morning so that we can run temperature checks.  



5.  Please begin planning on what to pack for lunch.  Players will required to bring a lunch and water for the day.  

Players without the proper forms will not be permitted to participate in camp. Registration will not be confirmed until all health and liability forms are completed and received by the Planet Fastpitch Elaine Sortino Softball School.

Please scan and email forms to planetfastpitch@gmail.com