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Searching for Softball Training? 
Visit Planet Fastpitch!

Softball Training Facility

Our world-class instructors are not only experienced in the game of softball, but they have many years of teaching expertise. Regardless of each student’s level of softball proficiency, we have a suitable training program. We are committed to the personalized development of each player. 


When you choose Planet Fastpitch, you will receive the highest level of instruction with clarity, certainty, and conviction. We are committed to excellence and our ideals of pride, passion, persistence, and professionalism drive our success in elite competitions.

We prioritize our players’ careers and their character development. 

We believe in our family.

We are Planet Fastpitch.

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Searching for softball training? Great news: you are in the right place! Planet Fastpitch is the home of innovative softball training programs, expert instructors, and a track record of producing exceptional players. We also rent softball equipment and facilities for various purposes. Come and discover why Planet Fastpitch is your ultimate destination for all things softball!

Planet Fastpitch has several programs specializing in various areas of the sport.

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  • Private Lessons 

  • Team Training 

  • Pro Groups

  • The Varsity School

  • The Futures Program 

  • Pitching

  • Hitting

  • Throwing

  • Catching

  • Fielding

  • Sliding and Baserunning

  • Total Player

  • Game Day Prep

  • Youth Programs

  • Slapping and Short Game

  • Athletic Training

  • Virtual Lessons

  • Online Courses

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  • Dirt Dome Rental

  • Hittrax Rental

  • Facility Rental

  • Cage and Lane Rental

  • Virtual Tour of PFP

  • Build a Rental Package

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  • Indoor Softball League

  • Tournaments

  • Scrimmages

  • Hittrax Leagues

  • Live Hit Clubs

  • Fundraiser Games

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  • Metrics and Data

  • On Base U Screening

  • Motion Assessment

  • Video Analysis

  • Rapsodo Pitching

  • Hittrax/Blast/DX

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  • Elaine Sortino Softball

  • Summer Slugger Camps

  • PFP Summer Series

  • Coaching Clinics

  • Camp in Your Town!

  • Satellite Clinics

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  • What We Do

  • College ID Clinics

  • Skills Video

  • Metrics and Data Testing

  • Consultation

  • Recruiting Seminars

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             PFP. TEAM. FAMILY.            

Our facilities at Planet Fastpitch are world-class, capable of hosting large audiences and several variations of the sport. 

Take a virtual tour of our facilities and discover all that we have to offer:

Planet Fastpitch is not just a training facility. We embody excellence in all areas of softball. We believe in carefully developing cadres of exceptional players and guiding them into holistic and fulfilling careers.

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What’s New With PFP Softball?

Check out our upcoming events:

Need a Youth Softball Training Facility? Contact Us!

Planet Fastpitch is your source for innovative and comprehensive instruction in softball skills in a supportive environment. We are a performance center for champions with a culture of excellence in the sport. We are at the forefront of revolutionizing training to develop the 360-degree player.

Youth Softball. Team. Family.

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