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Our philosophy is that better athletes make better players!  PFP 360 Athletic Training utilizes a systematic approach of screening, evaluation and program development that aims to assess and clean up faulty movement patterns.  Deficits or asymmetries in strength and mobility can lead to movement dysfunction, which has a negative effect on performance and may ultimately result in injury.  Our Athletic Trainers and Physical Therapists use the concept of Prehab, which is a proactive approach to address these deficits and asymmetries with the goal of minimizing the athlete’s risk for injury while enhancing softball performance.   We believe that a safe and challenging training program is the key to achieving maximum output with each pitch, throw, swing, catch and sprint.  We have developed a HOLISTIC multidisciplinary approach utilizing Athletic Trainers, Coaches, and Physical Therapists to help each player unleash her WHOLE 360 DEGREE potential!


• Individual, group & team training.

• Periodic FMS and Combine testing to track progress and accountability.

• Individualized workouts specific to position play requirements.

• Strength training.

• Speed and agility training.

• Softball-specific conditioning.

• Injury prevention mobility work.

• Improve combine testing scores.

• Strengthen softball biomechanics.

• Training for a targeted purpose!


Train smart, Perform better!


Prepare for battle this pre-season with the professionals who know your sport inside and out! Matrix Sports Medicine will help you to rise above the competition and become



Reach your highest potential while minimizing your risk for injury this season!

INDIVIDUALIZED Softball Strength, Speed & Arm Care Program Hybrid Training Model: Starts ANYTIME!

$299/ per person


If you are unable to commit to the set schedule of the 6-week Softball Strength, Speed & Arm Care Program, we are now offering a Hybrid option!  This will run for 6 weeks and include two 30 min-person assessments – an initial assessment upon commencement of the program and a re-assessment at the ½ way mark – and online training 3 times a week at home through an online training platform.  The online program will be progressed, as necessary following the re-assessment session. The focus of the program will be the same as the traditional Softball Strength, Speed & Arm Care Program, however, it will be more individualized as the program will be designed around your assessments, access to equipment and time constraints.

Softball Strength, Speed & Arm Care Program:

This 6-week program is designed with the physical and mechanical demands of softball in mind to enhance athletic performance and cater to the needs of a throwing athlete.  Areas of focus will include:

  • Basic Arm Care – will include shoulder mobility, activation and stabilization methods to ensure a strong and stable throwing shoulder.

  • Flexibility & Mobility – will establish a warm-up routine to improve mobility and minimize risk of injury.

  • Core/Pelvic/Scapular Stability – Athletes must have a stable base from which to move.  Without this, they will be leaving a significant amount of power in their bat bags!

  • Strength & Power – we will build this from the ground up and teach the athlete how to utilize the concept of ground reaction force and stabilization to create a tsunami of power up the kinetic chain.

  • Speed & Agility – will include drills to improve linear speed and the athlete’s ability to accelerate, decelerate, stabilize and quickly change directions with the most efficient mechanics.

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