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Customize a Softball School in Your HOMETOWN

Or Attend One at PFP!

Our schools are fast-paced, educational and fun!  And our Softball School instructors are current and former high school and collegiate players, as well as college and high school coaches, National Professional Fastpitch players and Olympians, all of whom are handpicked to ensure the highest quality of professional softball instruction. 

In choosing our softball schools, athletes benefit by learning from a team of coaches who are current with cutting-edge techniques and who have competed at the elite level.



Total Skills School

This school provides instruction on the specific softball skills needed to make players confident, competent and competitive. It focuses on all positions.

  • Training sessions will be similar to those of a college pre-season. Players will receive instruction in infield, outfield, catching or pitching. Instruction includes hitting, bunting, base running, sliding and positional defensive play. Mental training and team-building sessions are provided.

  • 1, 2 or 3 day Total Skills Schools are available.

Pitcher / Catcher School

  • This school is designed for athletes who desire intensive and in-depth instruction in the skills and psychology of pitching and catching.

  • Pitching instruction includes all components of speed and power through quality mechanics. Moving pitches (rise, drop, curve, off-speed) are also taught. Pitchers receive personalized instruction with great attention to detail.

  • Catching instruction includes stance, pick-offs, receiving, framing, blocking, passed balls, tag plays, bunts, and pop-ups.

  • Pitchers and catchers learn how to call and pitch a game, how to read a hitter and about the importance of mental and physical strength and fitness.

  • Hitting and fielding instruction is also provided at each session.

  • 1, 2 or 3 day Pitcher/Catcher Schools are available.

Hitter Boot Camp

  • This school is modeled after the training regimes of respected Division 1 college softball programs.  

  • Instruction will include the foundation of the swing, going yard with power hitting, executing a double threat with the short game and batting competitions with situational hitting.

  • 1, 2 or 3 day Hitting Boot Camp Schools are available.

Rookie School

  • 45-minute sessions of pitching, hitting and/or fielding instruction, covering the fundamentals and having competitive fun.  

Slapping Boot Camp

  • One-day in-depth training session in slapping fundamentals and strategies.  Instruction will include the foundation in the slap from the footwork to the hands and how to implement certain slaps depending on the situation.

Catching & Hitting Clinic

  • This 2-hour CATCHING advancement session covers pitch calling, talking to an umpire, communicating with your pitcher, turning double plays, taking command of the field, signal giving, coverages and passed balls.  The 1- hour HITTING session will focus on inside/outside pitches and situations.

Recruiting Combine Prep

  • This prep clinic tests and trains areas of overhand throwing velocity, bat/ball exit velocity, pitch speed and rotation (if applicable), catching pop time, sprints and agility shuttles.

  • Essential training for top-level execution at recruiting combines.

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