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Players Win!

Parents Win!

Leagues Win!


Players attend top-notch, fast-paced skills sessions.  Our school guarantees learning and improvement with a smile. Instruction is given from current and former college softball players and coaches. 

Parents are assured their daughters are safe and happy as they receive instruction from female role models.  Girls improve self-confidence in their hometown.  No long driving distances required! 

Leagues will see an overall improvement in their level of play.  


Registrations will be completed online with credit card.  All applicants must pay in full and return all required paperwork (liability waiver and health form) to PFP prior to receiving full confirmation of acceptance to the softball school.  $50 of the total fee is a non-refundable deposit. 

All necessary paperwork and information will be found on the softball school website.  These materials include a health form & liability waiver, directions and emergency contact information. 

PFP requires a minimum of 20 players for schools within 45-mile radius of PFP or 40 players per day for schools beyond the 45 mile radius for the school to take place.  

PFP requires a softball complex that is properly maintained and safe for the girls.  Based on the projected camp size, a multi-field complex or a location with auxiliary open grassy space will be needed. 

PFP requires a place of safety to which the campers may be taken in the event of inclement weather.  The facility needs to be large enough to provide shelter for the students and to do some mental training exercises, strategy sessions and video analysis. 


PFP also requires a staff of volunteer parents and coaches who can be “on call” and readily available in the event of inclement/dangerous weather to help transport the players to a designated location.  This list will be provided to PFP by the town event coordinator. 

PFP requests a league email list and permission to advertise this event via email and social media.

3 day school

9am – 3pm daily

School cost:  $250

2 day school

9am – 3pm daily

School cost:  $175

1 day school

9am – 3pm daily

School cost:  $95


  • Our camps can be tailored to fit your needs. 

  • PFP will run 1, 2 or 3 day schools.  School costs will vary based on selection.  

  • Campers receive a Planet Fastpitch TShirt.

  • Our summer softball schools can accommodate a variety of ages and numbers. 

  • We offer specialty camps (pitching & catching or hitting) as well as all-skills packages.  

Reserve space now!

Time is limited!

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