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Varsity Catching

The Varsity School is the most comprehensive training program offered at Planet Fastpitch. Varsity School is 24 weeks of phased development specific to the mechanical, strategic, and mental sides of catching and hitting. Athletes will work their way up to live at-bats in preparation for their season. Development is monitored through metrics testing throughout the year. This program is meant for serious athletes willing to work!


Core Fundamentals of Catching

This program covers the core fundamentals of catching, which include receiving, throwing, transfers, and blocking. This class combines teaching and drill work to develop catching fundamentals over the 5 weeks.

Catcher Throwdown Mini Course

This mini-clinic led by Master Instructor, Kerri Jacklets will be held in the Dome on the DIRT! This class is designed for all of the elements that go into throwdowns. 

Date:    Tuesday, February 20th (Vacation Week)

Time:     1-4pm

Futures Catching

The Futures Program offers cutting-edge training and development for catchers and hitters. Modeled after the Varsity School, the Futures Program is geared toward serious athletes looking for phased development over 10 weeks.



Game Situations for Catchers

This program is designed to incorporate game-like conditions and to prepare players for defensive situations that will show up within the playing season. This class combines teaching situations with high-tempo drill work to maximize reps on the dirt over the 5 weeks.

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