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Great talent is flexible!


Can't make it to Planet Fastpitch?  You don't have to miss a beat.  Keep progressing as you have been with your team of PFP Coaches!  


Registration is simple.  Book your session in eSoft.  



  • A phone, iPad or tablet

  • An internet connection

  • FaceTime or Skype 

  • Your softball equipment

  • A simple space to pitch, hit or throw

  • Share your contact info with your virtual coach

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Virtual Appt.1.png

From Left to Right:  (Click on the photo above for staff bios.)

Olivia Gamache, Shannon Smith, Kerri Jacklets, Brandice Balschmiter, Ellen McDonnell, Megan Colleran



Our PFP Team has been chosen because we deliver the highest level of instruction with clarity, certainty and conviction. Our standards of excellence embrace the ideals of pride, passion, persistence and professionalism.  We have competed at the elite level, we believe in PFP Nation and most importantly, we make the careers and character development of our students a priority.



Master Instructors

Planet Fastpitch Master Instructors have extensive knowledge of biomechanics, movement patterns and softball strategy.  The Masters have not only played and coached at the highest levels, but they have spent considerable time building and implementing successful protocols and programs at the youth level.  They are highly dedicated to research and innovation and are equally as passionate about fostering the PFP Culture.


Veteran Instructors

Planet Fastpitch Veteran Instructors are current or former collegiate players, as well as college and high school coaches, National Professional Fastpitch players and Olympians, all of which are hand-picked to ensure the highest quality of professional softball instruction. Athletes benefit from learning from a team of coaches who are current with cutting-edge techniques and who have competed at the elite level.


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