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Planet Fastpitch can cover all the bases for you! From pre-season training, to in-season tune-ups, from summer skills schools to college prep camps, PFP provides top-notch training for the 360 degree softball player.  PFP will travel to you for one-time or multiple week clinics.


Planet Fastpitch Travels to a Town Near You!

(Lead Coach/Per hour)


Zone 1           (Less than 30 miles from PFP)                           

Master                         $300  

Veteran                        $260 

Senior                          $200

Junior                           $100


Zone 2           (30-60 miles from PFP) Minimum 2-hour clinic is required.

Master                         $340

Veteran                        $300

Senior                          $200

Junior                           $100


Zone 3           (61-90 miles from PFP) Minimum 2-hour is clinic required.

Master                         $380

Veteran                        $340 

Senior                          $200 

Junior                           $100


ADD more coaches to the line-up to assist the lead coach per hour.               

Junior                           $75

Senior                          $125

Veteran                        $200


Pitching.   Catching.  Defense.   Offense.   Coaching Clinics.   

Planet Fastpitch can be your training partner.

“Nine years ago, as President of Newton Girls Softball, I knew we needed to establish a pitching program to raise the overall competitive level of our Rec and Travel program. Denise created a program that met our respective needs, and it has succeeded far beyond our initial expectations. In that time, we have worked with five instructors, each teaching the same (evolving) PFP style, using the same words. This multi-year stability, so important to young players' development, has been a key factor in our mutual success. 

PFP instructors have the incredible drive and competitiveness required for collegiate success. Yet they also have the ability to work sensitively with our beginner 8-year-olds at 6:00 pm, challenge our developing intermediates at 7:00 pm, and then push our experienced middle and high school pitchers at 8:00 pm. I've never known which group gives them the most personal satisfaction. Not only have they been tremendous teachers but wonderful role models. 

All teams need a leader and Denise is one of the most dynamic, caring, and principled people I have had the pleasure of working with. She is determined yet flexible, competitive yet loving, and her concern for our players and program is genuine. We feel blessed to be a part of the PFP family.”


Doug Clott

President, Newton Girls Softball

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