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Improve your game performance this season by signing up for our Live Hit/Pitch Club!  Pitch, hit or catch live at-bats, get feedback and the tools needed to perform.  We will explore rhythm, timing, routines, reset, pitch selection and pitch sequencing strategy.  We work both sides of the pitcher-hitter battle!

You can work with your teammates, prepare for your upcoming season, improve your game strategy and outwork your opponents.


Pitchers, Catchers and Hitters can sign up.  6 Pitchers MAX will be accepted.

We do not provide catchers, if no catchers are registered you will throw into a 9-hole screen.

*Pitchers, even if your catcher does not train at PFP it is imperative to have them register for the class so they can be ready too!


Live Hit Club (8th Grade and above)       YOUTH Live Hit Club (Ages 8-12)

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