The Total Player Program is a 5-week program that is designed and instructed by Coach Kerri Jacklets.


Designed to establish solid fielding fundamentals that make for strong defensive players. Throughout the program, players will learn the correct throwing mechanics that both protect their arms and produce the most power.  They will also explore the position specific stances and fielding techniques needed to field and transfer the ball most effectively. Players will increase range, quickness and athleticism while fine tuning their execution of “routine” plays to first, force outs at each base, tag plays, double plays, plays at the plate and much more.  Players will also be instructed on proper base running techniques and game savvy on the basepath.


There will be two unique 5-week programs offered.  Take one or BOTH!  Total Player Game Prep and Total Player Softball IQ!


Total Player Softball IQ is a high-tempo 5-week program that will work to enhance an athlete's decision-making skills.  Athletes will learn how to effectively combine solid fundamentals with situational pressures to gain the most desirable defensive outcomes.  This program will serve to improve defensive savvy and game IQ which is often the most overlooked piece of fielding. 


Athletes will learn how to:

  • Read the infield hop

  • Long hop vs short hop

  • Take efficient angles to pop flies

  • Throw on the run

  • Forehand/across the table flips

  • Throw from different slots'

  • Double play footwork

  • Heads up baserunning

  • Understand situational fielding

  • Next out mentality



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