“The gap in the full 360 degree hitter development is in cognitive training.  Simply stated, our hitters do not see enough pitches thrown by an actual pitcher who is attacking the plate with her body and imparting spin through a sequential releasing process. Our hitters are proficient with swings off of a tee and a toss.  But our rates of success in maintaining core swing values, good decision making and getting solid hits when facing a pitcher are less optimal.  

Softball hitters are at more of a disadvantage than baseball hitters in seeing the quantity of pitches needed for proper cognitive development.  Why?  Because the overhand throw is a key element of all position players in both baseball and softball.  In the toss or the modified pitch, the percentages of throwers are higher in baseball that can give a realistic pitch than we find in the softball underhand delivery.  Front toss in softball tends to come from a locked arm that is disconnected from the pitcher’s body and therefore is unrealistic to real time release.

Training the mind to recognize the pitch is the key to unlocking higher levels of success and should become part of our training paradigm for all ages and skill levels.

Axon Sports holds the key to taking our game to the next level by training above the neck.  This synergistic relationship between Axon Sports and Planet Fastpitch will lay the groundwork for taking our game to higher performance standards.  Together, we will reach thousands of players and make a positive effect on transforming their decision making skills to create more confident and competent athletes. “

~ Denise Davis